Dave’s subject-matter expertise in the global sustainability sector has been essential in helping us develop and test new approaches to delivering assurances in the forest products supply chain. There are only a handful of people world-wide with the assemblage of knowledge and its application that Dave possesses, and he has particular aptitude for incisive analysis that maximizes the services he delivers to clients..

Angela Wells
Director, American Tree Farm System and Sustainability Assurances, American Forest Foundation

Sustainable Sourcing

Develop and implement policies to identify and reduce risks of procurement from undesirable sources such as illegal harvesting and trading, violation of human rights, conversion of natural landscapes, or degradation of high conservation values.

Benchmarking + Gap Analysis

Do you need to measure and evaluate impacts of existing initiatives? Are you interested in comparing your organization’s ESG performance against peers or competitors? Are you considering adoption of established third-party sustainability goals or standards? We can help you identify relative strengths and weaknesses to inform future decisions and help you prepare or adapt.

ESG + Climate Strategy

Interpret the current sustainability landscape and adapt your organizational policies to align with your values. Evaluate options and develop strategies for achieving your climate related goals. Craft climate smart policies that make sense for your organization and deliver meaningful impacts. If your strategy includes offsetting emissions, we can assess the quality of carbon credits and suggest options that limit exposure and optimize value.

Market Based Solutions + Standards

Whether you’re developing a new standard or revising an existing one, we can help you make sure your assurance standards are clear, relevant, measurable and feasible. We can help you from the initial stages of issue identification and alignment, stakeholder engagement, standard development and actual or simulated field testing.